One Municipal Drive
Natrona Heights, PA 15065
Harrison Township Allegheny County, PA

Volunteers pitch in to clean up Harrison for Earth Day

Madasyn Czebiniak | April 21, 2018, TribLive-Valley News

Ken Crisafio appreciates the people who spent time Saturday cleaning up Harrison’s roadways and making the township a more beautiful place to live.

“What can I tell you about people who are spending a nice Saturday afternoon picking up garbage and dragging tires up?” he said. “Those are special people.”

Crisafio is the head of the township’s Earth Day Committee, which sponsored a township-wide road clean up.

About 100 people participated, targeting litter along Pleasantville Road, Karns Road, Argonne Drive, Vermont Avenue, Springhill Road, Hemlock Street and River Road.

Among the items collected were tires, cigarette butts, soda and beer bottles and cans, and fast food cups and lids.

“I used to drive this hill every day, and it’s disgusting,” Sheri Cieslinski said as she picked up trash along Springhill Road. “It’s a shame what people are throwing out here.”

This is the second time Harrison has hosted a township-wide clean up, Crisafio said. He said he was pleased with the turnout.

“We started a couple years ago with adopting Pleasantville Road…,” he said. “That kind of evolved into doing a township-wide clean up starting last year.”

Cieslinski participated in the road clean up for the first time on Saturday. She said she volunteered because it seemed like a good cause.

“My husband’s done it once or twice,” the 55-year-old Harrison resident said. “I just thought it would be a good idea to get out and help clean up a little bit.”

Norb Cieslinski, 67, was born and raised in Harrison. He said he participated because it bothers him to see his town in such poor condition.

“Rather than talk about it and complain about it, at least I can do something here to benefit the good of the community,” he said. “I always was taught that if you don’t have at least a solution to present then don’t complain.”

The Montemurro family of Fawn also thought helping clean up would be a good idea.

“We figured it’s something to do,” Carmine Montemurro, 58, said of himself, wife Michele, 49, and daughter Adriana, 12. “Community service is good for all of us.”

Crisafio said PennDOT will pick up the trash the volunteers collected along the state roads, and the township will take care of the garbage on the local roads.

The tires will be taken and recycled by Highland Tire, he said.