One Municipal Drive
Natrona Heights, PA 15065
Harrison Township Allegheny County, PA

Frequently Asked Questions


Garbage and trash has been in my alley for weeks, what can I do about it?

Response: call the Zoning & Ordinance Office and report the location, 724-224-9540.


 When do I need a building permit and where do I go to get one?

Response: call the Zoning & Ordinance Office, 724-224-9540.


We’re in the middle of a major storm, the street is like a river, and our basement is flooded, possibly including sewage, who do we call?

Response: call 911 and they will dispatch one of the local fire companies.


The storm sewer catch basin on my street is clogged full of leaves and twigs, who do I call?

 Response: call Public Works and report the problem and location, 724-224-5540.


Are there any Township rules about yard sales?

Response:  Harrison Township limits yard sales to no more than three per calendar year, each for no more than three days, and no signs to be posted on public property such as utility poles and traffic signs.  (see Ordinance Chapter 13, part 9: Yard Sales)


There are rats in our back yard, how do we get rid of them?

 Response:  call Public Works Department, 724-224-5540, or send a message from the Township’s website,  Harrison Township’s Public Works Department can bait for rats, but resident households must sign an Allegheny County Health Department “Bait Consent Form and Record”.


Who is the refuse collector?

Response:  Waste Management, 800-677-4884,


How do I rent a space in Harrison Hills Park?

Response:  call 724-295-3570.


Do I need a dye test for the sale of a property?

Response:  Yes, forms available online, fee of $50.  Form must be received before the clearance letter is sent out.


Are there rules in Harrison Township about barking dogs and dogs running loose?

Response: Harrison Township’s ordinance says dogs cannot be continuously barking for more than 10 minutes in any given hour.  Dogs are not permitted to be running loose.


We want to purchase an outdoor fire pit, are there rules in Harrison Township for outdoor burning?

Harrison Township enforces the open burning regulations established by Allegheny County: no material other than clean wood, propane, or natural gas may be burned, fires cannot be larger than 3’ wide by 3’ long by 2’ high, and fires must be at least 15 feet from the nearest neighbor’s dwelling. (for additional information on the burning regulations please refer to the Harrison Township Police Department or Zoning and Ordinance pages.)