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Fireworks FAQs

Q. Which Fireworks are Pennsylvania residents now allowed to purchase and use?

Consumers can now purchase and use “Class C” or “consumer-grade” fireworks that include firecrackers, Roman Candles, bottle rockets and similar fireworks that contain a maximum of 50 milligrams of explosive material. The expansion includes those fireworks that were previously only available to out-of-state residents.

“Display Fireworks”, which are classified as including salutes that contain more that two grains or 130 milligrams of explosive materials, and professional-grade aerial shells containing more than 60 grams of pyrotechnic compositions, are still only to be used by professionals with a permit from the municipality where the display will take place.

Q. What are restrictions on where they can be used?

  • They cannot be discharged within 150 feet of an occupied structure.
  • They cannot be ignited or discharged on a public or private property without the express permission of the property owner.
  • They cannot be discharged toward a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be discharged from or within a motor vehicle or building.
  • They cannot be discharged while the person is under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance, or another drug.

Display-grade fireworks are to be operated only by those (professional pyrotechnics) with a permit, and certain devices – such as M-80s, M-100s, cherry bombs, or quarter- and half-sticks – still remain illegal under federal law.

*Permits to discharge display fireworks in Harrison Township require an application to be filed with the Township in a timely manner (e.g. at least one month prior to the Township meeting in which it may be considered) to allow for due diligence including but not limited to: corroboration of pyrotechnic valid licensed operator, certificate of liability naming the Township of Harrison as an additional insured in an amount of no less than $1,000,000.00 and inspection of the Fire Marshal regarding consideration of hazards to persons or property.