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Garbage and Recycling Information

Waste Management


Garbage and recyclable materials are collected weekly by Waste Management, under contract with the Township.  For recycling information please view this link: Harrison Township Trash & Recycling Service Information from Waste Management . For the current recycling schedule please view  2024 Recycling Schedule Updated.

  • Residents are billed directly by the garbage contractor.  The 2024 Fees are as follows:  $24.69 per month  plus $1.18 per month for HHW Service and the Senior Discount Rate is $22.22 per month plus $1.28 per month for HHW Service.
  • Residents have unlimited weekly curbside collection.  Bulk items will be picked up weekly at no additional charge.
  • Bulk pick up includes household furniture and large appliances, including but not limited to: refrigerators (with doors and Freon properly removed), washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, bicycles, microwaves, carpeting (4-foot sections, 40 lbs or less), and similar items.
  • Bulk goods pick up does not include: yard waste, tree stumps, trimmings, construction or demolition material, flood or fire debris, remodeling waste, dirt/stone/concrete block, auto parts, or any other household similar items.
  • Each residence has one recycling container which initially was purchased through a Pennsylvania grant.  New containers are available by contacting the Township office.
  • Recycle materials may be commingled in any of the containers, including aluminum and bimetal cans, soda and juice bottles, plastic bottles and containers marked #1 and #2, paper, and flattened cardboard. PLEASE DO NOT PUT RECYCLE ITEMS IN PLASTIC BAGS

Collection Day

  • Please place your trash and recycling curbside the night prior to your scheduled collection to ensure uninterrupted service. Please make sure material is visible and within three feet of the curb. Reference the Street Listing for your scheduled service day or reference the  Schedule by Day of the week  Recycling by day of the week. Service times may vary depending on operational issues, weather, etc.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • Severe winter weather can be a challenge to our daily operations. During periods of inclement weather, our team will be providing customers with real time service alert updates at When possible, we may also notify you by phone or email if your
    collection route is canceled or will be delayed.


  • Recycling will be collected curbside bi-weekly, please reference the 2024 Recycling Schedule Updated for your service week. Recyclable material must be placed in your recycling collection bin and clearly marked as recycling.  Please do not mix trash with you recyclables.

Bulk Items

  • Residents of Harrison Township have unlimited curbside collection. Bulk items will be picked up weekly at no additional charge.
  • Bulk pick up includes household furniture and large appliances; including but not limited to the following: refrigerators (with the Freon properly removed), washers, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, bicycles, microwaves, carpet (3-foot section, 40lbs or less) etc.
  • Bulk goods pick up does not include the following: yard waste, tree stumps, trimmings, construction or demolition materials, flood or fire debris, remodeling waste, auto parts, or any other non-household item.

Restricted Items

  • The following items will not be collected as part of the regular waste and recycling

    • Construction/demolition materials
    • Automotive parts
    • Household hazardous wastes
      (paint, oil, flammables, hot ash, etc.)
    • Dirt, stone, concrete, rock
    • Medical wastes
    • Materials from fires or evictions
    • Tires
    • Pesticides/insecticides
    • Antifreeze
    • Electronics

Leaf and Branch Collection

  • Harrison Township Public Works Department will pick up leaves and branches on the day your recyclable materials are picked up. You must purchase leaf bags at the township office and place your bags at the curb. We are not permitted to pick up leaves in plastic bags. Leaf bags are available at a reasonable price at the township office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. NOTHING IS PERMITTED IN LEAF BAGS BUT LEAVES AND GARDEN RESIDUE. Any other materials will damage our equipment and could injure township employees. Branches must be tied in a bundle and placed at the curb.
  • Leaf and branch collection will begin April 1, 2021.


  • All trash must be bagged. No trash will be accepted loose in bins or cans.
  • All bags, boxes and bundles should weigh 33 pounds or less.
  • Recycle material must be placed in a container clearly marked as “Recycling”.
  • Carpet must be cut in 4ft x 4ft sections, rolled up and secured at both ends. Each section must weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Please do not use any container marked with hazardous waste or recycle containers for your trash.

Mandatory Recycling Notice

Disposing of Household Building Material

Township Recycling Trailer

Township Recycling Trailer


Important Notice Concerning Garbage & Recycling Bills

All landlords are ultimately responsible for the payment of the bill for each residence they have for rent in the Township. The landlord must contract with our collector for billing and collection. If an apartment building or complex has 4 or more units, these regulations do not apply, since those units are not covered under our contract. However, all garbage collection and recycling regulations still apply to rental properties.


Compost Give Away Program

Free leaf compost is available at the Municipal Building during daylight hours. Help yourself to as much compost at you like – please, no landscapers or contractors.


Storm Drains

When the rain falls and the snow melts, a flood of water runs off our roofs, roads and yards and down into our streets. Everything the water touches is swept down those streets and fed directly into our storm drains, and then flows out into our rivers – the major source of our drinking water. Trash. Paint. Oil. Fertilizers. Animal waste. Anything in the path of the storm water can find its way to our rivers through our storm drains.

There is something we can do about it. In fact, a lot of dedicated people and municipalities are working on it right now. You can help too. Use environmentally friendly lawn and garden products. Properly dispose of oil, paints and other household chemicals. And please, don’t litter the street or the landscape.

Help prevent our rivers from going down the drain!

Clean water starts in our own backyard. Go to for a free guide on how you can help.


Recycling of Leaves, Branches, Small Shrubs, Plants and Garden Residues


Cut no larger than 4 inches in diameter.

Bundle with string or place in brown recycling bags.


Place large branches, trunks or construction debris out for collection.


Lawn clippings are to be placed in regular trash bags, NOT the paper recycling bags. Lawn clippings will be collected with your regular garbage collection by Waste Management.

Hard to Recycle Items

Environmental Coordination Services & Recycling

ECSR Flyer