One Municipal Drive
Natrona Heights, PA 15065
Harrison Township Allegheny County, PA

Public Works Department


Randy M. Martinka, Superintendent

Email Superintendent of Public Works

Phone:  724-224-5540



Harrison Township’s Public Works Department includes ten employees, including the Superintendent.  All nine workers are truck drivers, and two of them are also mechanics.

John Bombalski, Crew Leader

Adam Lattus

Alan Carion

Jason Knapek

Jules Beer, Mechanic

Kevin Blandford, Mechanic

Matt Cline

Ron McClain

Jacob Tutak


The Public Works Department serves Harrison Township residents and businesses by maintaining approximately 100 miles of Township roadways and alleys year-round, maintaining the storm and sanitary sewer systems, collecting leaf bags and small branches for the processing of rich garden compost free to Township residents, and grass cutting of parks and Township-owned properties.


Streets and Alleys

  • Snow removal in winter
  • Pot hole patching in the spring and as needed during the year
  • Scheduled street cleaning throughout spring, summer, and fall; in Natrona, streets are cleaned from April through October on the 3rd Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of each month
  • Street sign maintenance year-round
  • Intersection cross-walk painting


Leaf and Tree Limb Collection

Public Works employees pick up leaves and bundled tree branches on the day of recycle pickup.  Leaves must be in the commercial paper leaf bags and branches up to 4” thick must be bundled and left at the curb or alley where the bi-weekly garbage and recycle pick up occurs.  LEAVES CANNOT BE PLACED OUT IN PLASTIC BAGS as they cannot be processed by the compost machinery.

Grass clippings are to be bagged in plastic garbage bags for the regular bi-weekly garbage pickup by the contracted refuse company.


Mulch – Free to Township Residents

The Public Works Department processes the leaves and  tree branches in a  facility and deposits the mulch across from the Township Municipal Building.  The mulch is FREE and available all year for residents of Harrison Township.  Please come during daylight hours and help yourself.


Rain/Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Maintenance

The Township Public Works Department maintains all Township rain/storm sewers and sanitary sewers.  As in all regional municipalities, the sewer lines are old and in constant need of maintenance.  Harrison Township has replaced many miles of sanitary sewer lines, rebuilt many “manholes”, and replaced many sewer lids.  The Township owns and operates a jet vac sewer truck and is able to clean out Township sewer lines without contracting out to commercial companies.

  • The Township maintains 673 storm sewer catch basins. Although the Public Works Department checks the catch basins on a regular basis, we are not able to monitor clogged or broken catch basins every day.  Residents who observe a clogged or broken catch basin along their street, please call the Public Works Department at 724-224-5540 or click “contact us” on the Township’s website and leave a message describing the catch basin problem and location.
  • IT IS ILLEGAL TO HAVE SURFACE RAINWATER CONNECT TO THE SANITARY SEWER LINES. Gutters, driveway drains, French drains, and open outside stairway drains must flow to the street or alley or yard.  This requirement is to prevent excessive storm water from entering the sanitary sewer lines and causing potential sewer backup into residents’ basements.  Please click on the Township ordinance summary for the illegal surface rainwater connections to the sanitary sewer lines.
  • Prior to the sale of property that is tapped into the Township’s sanitary sewer system, the property owner must have the sewer connection dye tested to assure that there are no illegal storm sewer and surface rain runoff entering the sanitary sewer lines.

From the Bureau of Clean Water: “Modern Stormwater management frequently includes the installation of “Best Management Practices” (BMPs). Urban stormwater BMPs involve a wide variety of techniques that reduce storem water pollution from developed areas. One thing all BMPs have in commonis that they need routine maintenance to perform properly. Since Many BMPs are installed on private property, it is important that the owners be offered advice on BMP care. ”



Rodent Control

Two Public Work Department employees are certified by Allegheny County Health Department to inspect and bait for rats as needed.  Rats can become a nuisance when storm sewers are flooded or when garbage and trash is not picked up in a timely manner.  The Public Works Department can bait for rats, but resident households must sign an Allegheny County Health Department “Bait Consent Form and Record” form.  Please contact the Public Works Department at 724-224-5540 or click “contact us” on the Township’s website and leave a message with your name, address and phone number and brief description of the rat problem.

Allegheny County Health Department “How Rats Enter Homes from Sewers” (PDF)

Allegheny County Health Department Letter Re: Rodent Control (PDF)

Allegheny County Health Department: The Resident’s Guide to Rodent Control (PDF)

Bait Consent Form and Record (PDF)



If you observe a polluted or questionable discharge from a storm water outfall, or if you observe illegal dumping into a storm sewer, please contact the Township Secretary immediately.  724-226-1393